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  • Meredith Lucky

    Meredith Lucky

  • Souryadeep Sen

    Souryadeep Sen

  • Donell Gill

    Donell Gill

    An Amazon Employee transitioning to a software development role via Amazon's Career Choice Program.

  • kirti kaushal

    kirti kaushal

    Front End Developer| Microsoft Certified Azure | Leading SAFe® ( Helping to teach React Js & exploring new ideas) https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirti-kaushal/

  • Sydney


    I am a life coach, actress and Amazon Associate returning to learn web software development engineering.

  • Nathan Egbert

    Nathan Egbert

    Senior Software Engineer Team Lead. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals. Certified Scrum Master.

  • Soheil Eslampanah

    Soheil Eslampanah

  • Carlkristie obinna

    Carlkristie obinna

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