Using CRUD functionality in React

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My most recent development project was to build a scheduling application for a fake recreational hockey league. This was a great learning experience that helped me develop a foundation for using React as well as a deeper understanding and appreciation for how requests are made and data is transferred between a frontend and backend. While the frontend was built using React, the backend was set up using JSON Server which will build a fake REST API that you can use to test your frontend. …

Using fetch functions with public APIs

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In this article I will be going over how I used data from two public APIs to create a simple weather application. The app can be viewed here if you want to take a look and the code here.

Why I chose to become a Software Engineer

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Ever since I was young I have always been interested in technology and problem solving. Math and science were my strong suits while writing felt like pulling teeth. My mom was an electrical engineer with an analytical and logical mindset that it seemed had been passed on to me. I remember playing with my Lego MindStorms set as a kid where I would build a small vehicle and could then upload a program written in a visual programming language. …

Tyler Luckewicz

Software Engineer

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